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Thread: Rapper looking for people to work with

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    Rapper looking for people to work with

    Hey what up technicians, Im a rapper on the lookout for producers. Im crafting a demo and am in need of instrumentals. I am a producer myself but I want to be able to work with various underground artists like myself to help craft this masterpiece. I am the shit and im not gonna lie about it, no cockyness about it. Basically any producers who want to get down with me hit me up, respond in the thread or hit me a PM. You will get full credits and promotion for yourself with the release of the album. So any fire producers waiting to get there stuff out there or just want to work with someone hit me up I need something interesting and new. Thanks alot. T Definition

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    Also since I am a huge tech n9ne fan, the first place and the first people who will be recieving it will be the technicians. I want to gift it to yallz and let you hear it first before i start selling it anywhere and pitching it off as an LP.

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    wuddup bro hit up my email i am a rapper

    check the tracks if you want bro and hit me up!

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    Give me a listen message me if you like what you hear at

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