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Thread: Look at this Tech N9ne conspiracy, do you believe it?!

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    Look at this Tech N9ne conspiracy, do you believe it?!

    I think, Aaron Dantez Yates is a god, and can see through time. I have been noticing this for quiet some time, but I can't quiet get a hold of all of it yet. I know at least 3 songs that do this, but cant think of any specific songs right now. So getting to the point...

    Have you noticed in his earlier songs, he says a verse or line relating to another later song a year or more later? It's like he knows what his next hit will be, its like he's been doing this before...

    Its like he's <em>a god.</em> I know there are relations from songs lets say, made in early 2010, to some new songs in A67, and WTS. He's got all his songs planned out man ! He's been through time already!


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    YOu have got to be fucking kidding me!!!

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    clearly they have some good weed where u r....

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    Trolls gonna troll gonna troll gonna troll

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    Dont Think Its A Conspiracy, Its Just Tech Plans His Music Out Because He's Like," Oh Shit This Was Hot Last Time Yadadie Mean Lets See If It Still Works." Ya Know?

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    hardcore trollin

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    lol time to pass that shid homes

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    fuck you guys who think he's trollin'. finally someone sees something real mayne. word up widdit

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    hahaha i need some of what ever your on mang..

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