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    This is a mash up of some of the verses I recorded last year. No, I'm not well known or anything, just wanting to get my music out there. Any feedback would be great whether negative or positive and I appreciate you taking the time to listen. Don't mind the cheesy cuts in between songs, I was in a hurry and that's all I had lol. I have listed the names of the songs along with the times they start in case you don't like one verse, you can skip to the next if you like. Enjoy!

    1. What Im About Remix (Prod. by Allarounda)

    2. Perfect Gentleman Intro (Prod. by Brotha B) Starts @ 2:263. WTF (Starts @ 3:36)4. Back Again (Produced by. Brotha B) Starts @ 4:225. Hip-Hop (Starts @ 5:17)6. Three Blind Mice (Rough Draft-Starts @ 6:04)7. Wildin Out (Starts @ 7:25)8. 151 Intro (Starts @ 8:38)9. Creature of the Night(Prod. by Brotha B) Starts @ 9:3510. Alkoholik (Prouduced by Brotha B) Starts @ 10:20

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    you've definitely got lyrics, and you're very good at riding the beats. as far as criticisms go, maybe you should diversify your subject matter a bit? from what i could tell the songs mostly go over your origins and how you got into hip hop, but maybe focus on other details? that and maybe injecting a bit more personality into your delivery, while your flow and lyrics are very good, if i heard this again in the near future i might not remember it by name. i'm not quite sure what to suggest beyond that, but that's the best i've got. keep working on your craft good sir, what you've got so far is ill (particularly the last cut, the punchlines were dope, and boozin' is always fun to rap about!)

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    I appreciate the feedback and your time. Yeah, i was listening to it earlier and thought the exact same thing lol I've been writing some new stuff and have broadened my topics so far. Thanks for the comment man

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    sounds cool. i added you on soundcloud, i'll keep an ear out for ya

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