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Thread: yelawolf radioactive is FUCKEN GARBAGE!!!!

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    yelawolf radioactive is FUCKEN GARBAGE!!!!

    what the fuck was eminem thinkin when he signed yelawolf????????????? i thought he was ok and that shady would bring something new to the table but fuck that his new cd is garbage slow gay shit!!!! where is obie trice when you need him!!!!

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    I think yelawolf is an amazing rapper but radioactive was fucking gay, easily worst album of the year

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    Yelawolf is super dope. you are retarded!!!! the cd tho was a sellout piece of garbage. and it was probably the record company that wanted all of those shit songs on the cd. I love after throw it up its a skit with eminem telling yella that he needs a song for girls. and then the whole rest of the album is girly ass shit! hahaha

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    But i agree about obie! he was the shit

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    radioactive was a major disappointment for me, especially after all the set backs

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    i havent heard much of the album what i have heard its either the verses are great and the hook is shit or the hook is great and the verses are shit and as far is throw it up yela and em kill there verses but does anyone else think gangsta boo sounds exactly like the girls from crime mob? lol

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    Wow really? Well i guess you have a right to your own opinion but i actually think the new album is dope. Its a mix of everything. Yelawolf is more than just trunk music. If you listened to him before trunk music you would know that. Even at the listening party he said that he was tired of just using the underground formula and wanted to take a crack at the radio formula of making tracks but keep it true to himself. Why do you guys think the name of the album is Radioactive? Listen to the lyrics of the last song and it pretty much explains everything. The lyrics on this album are dope. The only songs I cant listen to is good girl and I dont really like the bonus songs. Other than that I thought it was a solid first official album.

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    I actually thought Radioactive was a solid highlight of 2011. In order for an artist to grow he needs to expand. Yes this is a complete 360 degree flip from Trunk Muzik but I wasn't expecting nor was I interested in hearing the same music from Yela's studio debut. Through this album you'll hear musical s mesh in maximum capacity which I actually enjoyed. Sometimes I'm tired of watching breakthrough artists test the waters with their first major arrival (hence Mac Miller) and just need to witness a full blown cannonball! I've actually gained alot of respect for Yelawolf through his first release. I can understand how some people might not be accustomed to his reinvented sound but to say this cut's garbage is completely fucking absurd.

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    damn i guess i gotta go check my manhood as i thought the album was pretty solid,

    It does have more eminem beats though. Some of his flows remind me of Bizzy Bones new whack but pretty solid album and had abit of replay on it already.

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    I like it

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