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Thread: Shut The Fuck Up

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    Shut The Fuck Up

    What the fuck is with you people? Let me remind you what THIS is. It is a web forum dedicated to a rapper. What do you do on such website? You discuss said rapper. You ask questions and answer questions about said rapper. You don't flame people for asking questions. Questions and general discussion is what this forum is here for. Stop being close-minded, ignorant assholes. The elbow macaroni thread, for example. You all look like straight bitches in that thread. Hating on dude for asking what elbow macaroni is. And the funniest part of that whole thread, none of you even know what elbow macaroni is! Its not a fucking Tech N9ne lingo. Elbow macaroni is a type of macaroni noodles. If you listen to the interlude on Killer, he clearly states that all he has to eat is elbow macaroni. Its not a joke, elbow macaroni is a real thing. Idiots. You all think I'm the biggest troll here because I like an artist that you don't like (in Mac Miller). But look at yourselves. If Tech saw you hating on people every chance you get, he would call you all haterz and tell you to stop listening to his music and go put in a fuckin Justin Beiber album. Its pathetic.

    I just want to say Thank You, Tech N9ne fans. Thank you for ruining something beautiful and making all of us, fans, look like dickheads. You are giving us such a horrible name, and THAT is why so many people associate us with Juggalos. Because of YOU.

    Go ahead now, go ahead and flame me to shit because you can't handle the truth.

    Mitch Bade havin ass lamez.

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    .. Be prepared

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    I've been on this site long enough to not give a fuck anymore.

    Quote Originally Posted by Victor Mendez
    .. Be prepared

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    Actually Elbow Macaroni is Tech Lingo. Better listen to it again there. And give Technicians another listen. But i agree a lot of people on this site r close-minded dumb fucks

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    Elbow Macaroni is something you buy at the store because the noodles are in the shape of an elbow..

    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Gerdes

    Actually Elbow Macaroni is Tech Lingo. Better listen to it again there. And give Technicians another listen. But i agree a lot of people on this site r close-minded dumb fucks

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    I agree a lot of fans on this site do nothing but harass's pathetic

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    Oh Ryan.... You crazy son of a bitch

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    Elbow Maccaroni = when you "mac" a bitch so hard you've gotta put your elbows into it.

    it's more than just a noodle you find on aisle 10 at your local supermarket.

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    To the dumbasses who say it means "you meet a bitch once, but you fucked her twice" are just retarded... it doesn't mean that, you're way fucking the skit he end's it by saying "Elbow Macaroni bitch" as in, he meant he hit it so hard its like he fucked her twice.. on KOD tour he explained what it means and EVLNSTX got it right, its when you mac a bitch so hard you gotta put your elbows in it to make it seem like you fucked her so hard that it felt like twice the amount.

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    I made the same thread about this also, so props for doing the same bro.. some of these fuckers are so ignorant, thinking they know everything. When in reality they end up being wrong and end up looking even more stupid
    What they need to do is actually listen to the skit a little bit closer and listen to the message.. do some research first before you get owned. Some fuckers tried to flame me on my post but they think it affects me lmao. Like I give two shits hahah.

    I'll shit on you even more if you try to even pull your pants down and shit on me.
    And when somone asks a question, they put in a GIF...reallly? Is that a fuckin answer? No, so dont put in your opinion if you dont have an answer to anything.

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