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Thread: kutt calhoun collab?

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    kutt calhoun collab?

    If kutty is one of your favorite artists, who is one artist or group youd like to see him collab with. I personally think him and luda could make a sick song together. I know they are two different kind of s put with the right beat and topic they could make a banger no doubt.

    Who do you think?

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    IMO I think Kutt and TI could make one dope ass track

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    Kutty with akon singing the hook but old School akon when he was actually good

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    Ya I like would be raw

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    Game or kendrick lamar

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    Nice these are all good picks. Alex I think it should be kutt game and k dot all on track would be tight. And john old akon another excellent choice. T.I. and luda on a track with kutt would he the dope

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    young jeezy, andre nicky, lil wayne, i agree with t.i. and i had heard he wanted to work with akon thatd be sick too

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    Dmx, Ti i great collab for him.

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    Kutty,DMX and KiD CuDi. I think it'll really mix things up as they're all different but with the right beat, I could see CuDi doing the hook and Kutty doing first verse and X doing 2nd then 3rd just them two going back n forth. IMO.

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