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Thread: Tech N9ne Collabos Deluxe Edition

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    Tech N9ne Collabos Deluxe Edition

    ok so i live on tha Southside of Chicago and i went Saturday to try and cop that Collabos Deluxe edition (i know im late as fuck) but it was sold out in all tha Best Buys out here... my baby momma lives in Geneva IL so i have to drive down there to get my son every other weekend and thats about an hour from tha city... so they have a Best Buy around tha corner from where they live so i said fuck it ill give it a try and see if they have it and what do u know these mutherfukaz not only had it but they had 10 of the Deluxe versions left! i told tha lady i live in Chicago and they didnt have it but she said if i go online i can order it from that exact store and they would ship it if i needed to... i never knew u could do that... so if ur still lookin for the Deluxe version and cant find it order it from

    and they will ship it to u...

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    Also from Chi's south side. When I got mine from the Best Buy over on 87th & State the day of, they only had like 5 or 6 of them. Didn't think anyone would go to that location for a Tech disc truthfully.

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