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    To Tech...

    First off for whos wonderin of corse I am a fan, although most folks cant begin fathom belive me I understand, when the feeling beneath is unleashed on a feast endless like the desire that speaks to you every nite when your sleeping and begin dream fuckin nightmares that got u praying for the morning in the spring the flowers bloom but they have no affect on you instead of the sun we get our powers from the moon and as soon as I get a golden cup or silver spoon Id b a fool to let it go now whats really the truth rappin are you born with it or is it skill does it really matter what kind of grain covers your wheel is it the will the desire the money bitches or clothes is there a life after death homie only god knows enough is enough and I feel like its my turn gotta get these demons outa me or in fire i fear ill burn rippin apart at the seams i scream as loud as I can to those who are listening Im tired of seein everybody but me tatted up and glissening it seems in my heart i was meant for more than this tryn to get up and get my own i say to hell with this workin my life away for some corporate buisness expendable like clearence items on the bottom shelf it makes me sick pukin till theres nothin left not the best never been one to compare to the rest id rather b in a tree like a gorilla beatin on my chest lettin my roar echo through the valley and the hills lettin my primal instincts truly reveal I just gotta b real never showin phoney or fake if u thinkin im soft or slitherin like a snake then get it straight everywhere i go the earthquake caus im so fat like a pig on roller skates im a large white male i enjoy ketchup with my steak TECH WAIT hold up a sec rewind the tape caus this is a shoutout to u so let me compensate just a little of what i can do so please tell me what you think

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    What the fuck does this even say i read the first third of this and man u sound hella creepy

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