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Thread: Strange Albums Missing From iTunes

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    Strange Albums Missing From iTunes

    Albums missing:


    -Misery Loves Kompany (available in Estonia store)


    -Feature Presentation (available in Canada, Ireland store)

    -Raw & Un-Kutt

    -Genius(available in Canada, Ireland store)

    I've tweeted Kutt twice and Strange Music once about why these albums are missing from iTunes with no reply. It's not that they never were on iTunes (like Vintage Tech and Urban Legendz), but it's that they WERE available as little as a few weeks ago, and now they have been taken down with no explanation.

    Personally I have all the CDs and most on iTunes in addition to physical form already but for new fans it suck not to be able to find some albums on iTunes.

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    i feel the same, all should be available. In better news, amazon mp3 has everything. I just looked. i personally don't use i anything so maybe only the awesome people who use other means of buying music besides itunes may get them. lol

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