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Thread: Epic Center, Minneapolis, was TIGHT.

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    Epic Center, Minneapolis, was TIGHT.

    I loved it ! My first Tech concert...

    He sounds even better live....

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    NO the Epic Night Club is the gayest venue ever it's way to small and Tech is way to big to be playing at that piece of shit club he needs to quit being a pussy get some confidence and realize he can easily sell out The Myth and play there

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    I didn't say anything about his performance other than it was amazing. So no matter where he'll play, he'll be good. Whether its at the Epic Center, Target Center, or the Myth, it doesn't matter. He has over 40 concerts on the lost cities tour, so ...

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    Tech used to play at the myth, then they got busted for not paying their taxes, shut down for a year or so, and reopened. Either under new management or something like that and Tech changed over to Epic when this all happened. I agree Epic is waaaay too small for a Strange show. The Myth was the shit for sure, nice and open building no obstructions, not a fuckin tunnel. but because of the tax bullshit that happened Tech will not play the Myth anymore. Not sure his exact reason but reliability of the owners is what im thinkin

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    Well, yeah I do admit that the pillars and the balcony take up much of the room..

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    this is the exact reason and a fyi tech has sold the myth out numerous times

    reliability of the owners

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    Yeah Trav said that they are unreliable. Sucks but oh well, tech loves doing shows at epic, calls us the little denver, just do what I do and go uptop and get a group of 8 and get vip, only 40$ a piece. The last one was my 11th and prolly one of the best so far.

    Keep it strange, Strangeotans.

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