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Thread: tech is keepin me strong

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    tech is keepin me strong

    long story short since im in so much pain. ive been in the emergency room wit a collapsed lung since tuesday. its been really fuckin painful but i jus want tech to know his music is keepin me strong....thanks Tech N9ne

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    damn how did that happen?? well i hope u get better my dude...

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    3 was actually really random i was just in my basement and felt an extreme amount of pressure....went to the doctor n once the x ray revealed i had a collapsed lung i was sent to the hospital for emergency surgery....shit was scary and they said it happened out of no where with no reasoning behind it.

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    tha reason why i asked is because i smoke alot and now u got me trippin a lil bit... tha doctor didnt give u a reason why it could have happened?

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    shit man hope you make a full recovery and good to hear music helping you .

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    they told me 2 of the most common reasons people get it is through smoking or a strong impact like gettin in a car crash etc...i quit smokin month n a half ago but trust me i have wondered if thats the real reason it happened.... all i know is im not gonna smoke anymore. No tho they didnt give me an exact reason as to why it happened which really bothers me.

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