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Thread: Collaboration with Immortal Technique

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    Collaboration with Immortal Technique

    Hey Tech,

    I've been DYING for you to do a collabo with Immortal Technique. I know you've performed in the same concerts, but never got on a joint together.

    His flow is sicker than ever before (check out his newest track below)

    I keep imagining a collaboration where you spit some dark downright strange Tech Nina shit while he spits hard rhymes about something serious (since you're two of the few artists who don't brag about money, cars and jewelry).

    Just a thought. It would seriously be a dream come true.


    A Technician

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    add KRS-ONE to "this" song as well



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    1. Chances are Tech won't come across this. You're best bet is to hit up Twitter.

    2. Yeah, this should happen.

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