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Thread: tech tattoos?

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    tech tattoos?

    so i kno i been' about gettin my tatt but im jus hella picky and i want something realli raw that means something to me and looks sick. i had a couple ideas either wierdo. or strange. on the front of my shoulder, or on the side of my left breast or techn9cian verticalli going down the pubic mound or strange techn9cian on my hip. what you think? what tech tats do u have or want and what do they mean to you? lookin for some inspiration. pieces.

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    i put a 6 and 7 on a cross to symbolize the balance between good and evil......i havent up loaded it yet but i will when i have time

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    mine is kinda simple, I got the barcode cross on my right upper arm. I got it because its like a symbol for tech n9ne, but not because im so infatuated with him and his music, its more of the meaning behind his name, as he would explain it. The complete technique and that he can do anything musically. So basically i got it as a symbol to always remind myself that in certain ways i am the complete technique as well, and if i put my mind to it i can do anything.

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    i just got a new concept of a beautiful angel and a beautiful demon both naked on my back in a lovers embrace but both concealing from the other; a sig sauer and the other with a ruger.

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