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Thread: Rev.Tech???

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    The thought of a title such as Rev.Tech/ Rev.Technician, I've given some thought to. Was wanting some feed back on it. I'm a Reverend myself and have come a long way so to speak.

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    Ummm what

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    I'm a Reverend, and a Technician, combining these two, one being my title and the other is part of who I am Rev.Tech = Reverend Technician. It was a passing thought, I', with ULC Universal Life Church, vary open mind group, not like the average church. I can purpose the idea to the church being a Reverend myself, along with other Technicians signatrues and have a certified certificate made by them that clams the bearer of the certificate a Technician or as I hold a title already as a Reverend, combine the two as Reverend Technician shorted Rev.Tech....

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