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Thread: Slave Kinetic Typography

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    Slave Kinetic Typography

    Been working on this for a little bit now, finally finished it!

    Thanks again to everybody I noted at the end who helped out with the lyrics! And Thanks the the Strange Crew for letting us all share in their great music!

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    It's not bad for practicing of word placement, would be good to see the typography show relevance to what was being said in the song though, that's the ultimate goal with things like this, it's about creativity and bringing visuals to the lyrics via the lyrics. Otherwise it's just words popping up in timed sequence. Timing isn't too bad though. Also it would help to spell Calhoun and Nina properly lol. Still good practice, would like to see how you improve.

    Here's a good example:

    (I'm not a 182 fan lol)

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