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Thread: these fools koo just need to drop the n word thats a no no

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    these fools koo just need to drop the n word thats a no no

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    you can say what you want, its all where your from and the people your around, im from kc, im from the hood, and im white, and all my homie dont give 2 shits if i say nigga because its the environment i was raised theres a difference in being ignorant and not using it correctly and not to mention theres a difference in nigga and nigger, at the end of the day were in 2011 and i have a mixed family and i dont have never seen color..... and the world will never get of that shit cause as soon as someone gets butt hurt they always want to throw in the race card no matter what race they are

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    tech can say that he is black... yes true it is about ur surroundings whats acceptable. but im talkin about music. are u going to only sale ur music to ur neighborhood? is there any succesful white rapper that uses the word nigga? jusst stating the facts all tho its koo in s ome parts some hoods in america. its not in others. and lets say they go on tour and perform on stage where it not koo im sure the stage goona get rushed

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    fuck all that ...that bitch got a noose over his shoulder.....that motherfucker better hope he dont get noticed or somebody gonna find his ass hanging from a tree. THREAD FAIL...fuckin Trailer Park trash ass rappers inbred bitch

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