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Thread: I gotta say it. Eminem is a fake as beezy and a biter.

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    I gotta say it. Eminem is a fake as beezy and a biter.

    Just hear me out...

    I'm a true fan of Rap. I dont like most radio shit...i'm not big on "whos next" and "hype" Not a Drake fan. Not a Wiz Fan. Not there they're bad just not great. My favs are rappers like Eminem,Tech N9ne,Brotha Lynch,Crooked I,Yelawolf...ect. Fools who got real lyrical abilities.

    Eminem is definately 1 of my all time favorite rappers. Theres no denying the mans talent as every1 knows already.

    So when I heard Em give the shot out 2 Tech (Finally) it was fake as fuck. Actin like he makin fun a the way he spell his name n shit... Yeah he gavem daps but did it like a hater n didnt do it 5plus years ago when he should've. Tech been askn 4 a feature 4ever n Em act like he never knew who he is n dont know how 2 spell his name...I dont know about the next guy but I just thought it was fake as fuck and a crock a shit. If you dont know who Tech is yr livin under a rock and I dont believe thst Em is just gettin up on dude.

    Than I hear a verse on Em's Bad meets Evil which dropped the same time All 6's n &'s 7s did and on the song The Reunion I swear I hear Em takin shots @ Tech. Just listen 4yrself.

    Ok. Than you got Em Biting Brotha Lynch all thru out relapse and Bad meets evil...not only takin the Serial killer but even using the same words Lynch is known 4 using. You know I'm not surprised that Lynch wanted 2 get on Shady...if sum1 been bitin me 2 keep there career alive i'd want sum fucking recognition 2.

    Em has always been a great rapper but thats where it stops. He was never a gangsta or a hustler and I just feel like Yeah he earned the spot hes in but he's not givin the dues that are deserved. He got threatned by Stranges success and instead of givin it he just went out n signed the rest a the dope rappers so he didnt get thrown off..Em acts like n insacure bitch whos afraid of losing something...which blows me away because no will ever be able 2 do what Em has done 4 white rappers or just rap in general. So why the fuck will he not give daps....n when he finally does why does he gotta act like a lil bitter ass he never wanted it 2 happin or sumthn.

    I dunno Maybe its all in my head...just thought I'd share n see if any1 else kinda feels the same way.

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    Excuse me I thought I heard the subliminals on the track "Im on Everything" not The Reuinion

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    since when in the history of emdom has he been know to throw subliminal lmaoooo

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    Can I get a hit of whatever you're using?

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    Im not sure why I read that whole thing.. but what the fuck subliminal shot at Tech do you possibly hear? And dont tell me just listen for yourself, cause Ive heard the whole cd quite a few times. and copying Lynchs ? all he was doing was getting back to the old school slim shady that got him big in the first place. Ya its similar to lynch but its not like Em had never rapped like that until now all the sudden. Tech dont need Em and Em sure as shit dont need tech, enjoy the music, wait for the collabo, shut the fuck up.

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    Didn't have to read the reason, I agreed 100% with the title without needing to go any further.

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    Lol I agree with that other dude. I want whatever you're on.

    Em has always talked about killing people, not just to reignite his career.

    And I have no clue where you hear any subliminal message in that song, so I think it is all in your head.

    & I think you're just trying to start a fight too.

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    This. I stopped reading when you talked down on Drake and Wiz Khalifa. Hater.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole

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