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Thread: FUCK your favorite EMCEE.

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    FUCK your favorite EMCEE.

    <img ="align-full" src="" height="431" width="550"/>Meta P Cites Tech N9ne for Primary Influence

    Meta P- known in his home state of Rhode Island for being the most ruthlessly hard-working emcees on the scene as well as a state leader and ruling veteran- sat down and spoke with me about his influences and upcoming projects. When I asked him who his biggest inspiration is, he simply said "Tech N9ne."

    Meta was born in St. Louis, MO and resided there for a good part of his childhood before re-locating to the east coast- Connecticut and later, Rhode Island. As he explained, "No one had represented the Midwest culture before Tech N9ne, besides Bone Thugs. They gave us a voice of our heritage of urban, Midwestern life." Knowing Meta for some time, I asked him, how much of a influence does he currently play in your music-making process. He elaborated,

    "Tech N9ne dominates my playlist. He's the most versatile emcee- covering many genres, but maintaining his integrity as well as branding himself as the king of Independent music. I think all artists should take a look at his history.there is something respectable about the path he traveled."

    Meta's last few projects (Three LP's in 2011) have been moving at the pace of one to thousand units. Without any distribution or record-deal he aspires to be more like Tech one day, creating his own label and fan base without relying on any corporate pigs in the process. "Tech does it the right way. This isn't the nineties anymore." At 27 years old, Meta continues to build his career in hip hop using outlets like the Providence Phoenix (Best Providence Artist runner-up 2011) as well as hosting shows on 90.3 (underground hip hop) regularly, which were responsible for acts such as Apathy and Sage Francis' success. Meta has shared the stage with Hip Hop icons such as Onyx, Jedi Mind Tricks, Eyedea and more. Meta gives credit to Tech on his latest album, "Edison's Ink," as a Pioneer who paved the way for Horrorcore artists. When asked if the artist plans to work with Tech N9ne anytime soon his eyes look piercing and he says, "When the world recognizes my music for the level I'm at..Tech will be the first one getting a call."

    Meta's the real deal...check his LATEST video below.

    Written By Larry McKenna


    Other Videos

    Long Way Down Feat. Emilio Lopez


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    This is a pretty dope posse cut. All these dudes are pretty good on some ic hip-hop shit. I don't know if it's anything particularly special I mean...I hope these guys are doing this just for the love of hip-hop, and not necessarily for fame or being number one. They're all relatively lyrical emcees, I just don't think they stand-out. Except for the first dude with the long hippie hair. Lol'ed at that.

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    Thanks for the compliments and criticism. None of us, as emcees, play it safe. Look more into my music if you want some different type of shit.

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    Scoped out the videos. Really impressed, lovin the posse cut, like how the producer flipped up Killer Mike's "god in the building" track. Good luck to you in the future.

    My only complaint was you saying Tech and Bone Thugs were the first to shine the light on the midwest. Your'e only 27, so you obviously were too young to see the seeds being planted by MC Breed, DFC, Twista, Esham and even on the KC level, Young Rich, Vell Bakardy, Bohn, Ghetto Kaos and Jackpot Records.

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    Yeah I can give respect to MC BREED, Twista and Esham. But living the experience...Bone Thugs and Tech were the first two group/artist with a voice. I don't remember anyone as hype as them back in the day when it came to the midwest.

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