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Thread: Best Of Lynch

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    Best Of Lynch

    Wondering how many Lynch fans there actually are on this site. If you are what songs do you think are his best.

    I'd have to say some of my favorite of his older shit would be; 24 Deep, The corpse came to dinner, and My mind ain't right.

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    Senior Member J3R3177Y's Avatar
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    3 songs, that's all!?!?!?!?

    24 deep

    Refuse 2 looze

    the coathanga


    spit it out


    Takin' Online Orders

    I don't think my momma ever loved me

    Don't worry momma it's just bleeding



    Welcome to my world

    I plotted (my next murder)

    sooner or later

    red dead bodies

    had 2 gat ya

    Locc 2 da brain

    24 gone

    I went from

    Look it's a dead body

    murder over hard

    split personality

    I heard that song B 4

    I hate when niggas get on the phone when they around me

    Split yo face

    Study me

    Suicidio Morte

    Rocc da mic

    My mind ain't right

    Suicide note

    the corpse came to dinner

    Rest in Piss

    she thinks I'm a psycho

    In my Dreams


    liquor sicc

    dead man walking

    welcome 2 your own death

    ready or not


    Sad Circus

    My Favorite

    Start some phonk

    On fire

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    Lose a hoe gain a hoe

    Walk to my funeral

    Welcome to your own death

    sicc made

    rest in piss

    locc 2 the brain

    mr.doc & lynch blocc,da real deal,40oz and cronic

    had 2 gat ya

    season of the siccness

    i refuse 2 lose

    LIST goes ON

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    Thats what i said

    dead man walkin

    Locc to the brain

    blood on the rug

    refuse to lose

    corpse came to dinner

    welcome to your own death

    My papers


    sicc made

    rest in piss

    Liquor sicc

    i went from

    Die 1 by 1


    one of the last sicc niggas

    devils n gunsmoke

    walk to my funeral


    red rum


    lose a hoe gain a hoe

    Jackin for joints

    One mo pound

    On my brief case


    did it and we did it

    seconds away

    went way

    my mind aint right

    get high get drunk

    season of the sicc

    return of the baby killa

    ...hundreds more.

    Havent even started on his strange shit

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    Senior Member Jared M's Avatar
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    i think Suspicion 1 & 2 are some of his best works

    also COS killed that shit as well

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    One Mo Pound

    -Love that song

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    Junior Member tweetyg's Avatar
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    will colostomy bag,i plotted, die,last night,went from,my mind aint right,water,ebk,new eat,the coathanga,ther mour i jest cant think of them right now.

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    Hoooooooly fuck that's some poor spelling son!

    Quote Originally Posted by tweety g

    will colostomy bag,i plotted, die,last night,went from,my mind aint right,water,ebk,new eat,the coathanga,ther mour i jest cant think of them right now.

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    Senior Member WeezyBellis's Avatar
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    West Coast Parlae

    Savage Ridaz

    Candy Wit da Slam

    Situation on Dirty

    It's Real

    Die 1 By 1 with the skit at the end of the intro that leads you in to it..

    One a Da Las Sicc



    Did It and Did It

    Went Way

    Feel My Nature Rise

    On My Briefcase

    That's What I Said

    Secondz Away

    The productions on If These Walls Could Talk

    The productions On Smoke Inhalation Blood,Sweat and Tears.

    Rest In Piss

    Liquoir Sicc

    Locc 2 Da Brain


    Had 2 Gat Ya

    Had 2 Gat Ya 2001

    Chico Free

    The verse he spit on My World

    Start Some Phonk

    Out Da Way

    Murder Gram

    Hunta Killa

    Blood On The Rug 2

    Can't Have It


    Split Ya Face

    Corpse That Came to Dinner

    Refuce 2 Lose

    Death On A Sunday and Bud Ice (beats)

    Gone Blown

    RU Ready

    One Of Us

    Bleeding House Mystery

    I Get's Off

    Reachin For Fame


    The Watcher

    187 On A Hook

    Suicide Morte

    Put You In The Closet

    His verses on Zombie and This is HipHop were dope.

    Since Strange Music


    Sit In That Corner Bitch


    Don't Worry Mamma

    The CoatHanga

    Therepy Session

    I think Lynch needs a better selection of beats...I love Strange Music but the beat selection he's been getting doesn't seem as dope as it could be..CoathangeStrangla was soppose to be better than the DAAM and it wasn't. I also think he needs time to put the details in the album like Season of Da Sicc and Loaded, instead of slappin an album out like fast food. It's great for a comet like Tech slayin a ton of track's from the greatest producers all over..but Lynch's material is more Van Gough if you a good book. To hear Travis say Lynch has been given the time to put in the details into this album and and to also hear that Lynch turned down beats and prolonged because things wern't upto par brings high hopes for his new album, knowing that with Strange Music being responsible for his music IT WILL come out and I won't be waiting 5 years between albums.

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    Wouldnt even know where to start. I know all that garbage that CEDSING put out (stollen realls of vocals put to black market beats) was just that, GARBAGE.

    Other than that Ive been a hardcore LYNCH fan since about 7th grade, Im now 30.

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