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Thread: Support REAL independent music.

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    Support REAL independent music.

    What up everybody? Mac Lethal here.Just wanted to stop by to remind everyone to immediately cop the new Tech N9ne album. We gotta push real independent musicians to the top of the charts.

    I am sick of seeing major labels push out huge MTV artists and slap the "independent" sticker on them. It's an insult and a slap in the face to us who put in HUGE amounts of work, frustration, and elbow grease with no label's assistance at all. We are on the road 200 shows a year, deeply connected to our fans on an unprecedented personal level, and getting very small amounts of network tv/commercial radio exposure.The Strange Music family is who you need to place your bets on this week. Get Tech N9ne's new album.


    Mac Lethal

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    Get that new Tech and go support Mac Lethal - another independent artist keeping it 100% indie!

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    Damn right...KC stand up and ***SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTISTS***

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    Is Uncle Mac's pimp hand trembling? lol good to see you on here tho, speaking the truth.

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    bought 2 copies of WTSL yesterday (1 deluxe edition and 1 regular edition)

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    cough cough mac miller. jk haha just got my wtsl album yesterday and waitin on my preserved ep in the mail. cant wait to see everyone on the 22nd in omaha!!

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    1000 PERCENT FEEL YA ON INDEPENDENT MUSIC!! No big company should step in and label there artists "Independent".

    Bought my album from best buy, got it yesterday its great people should support it more. I don't understand how a Tech n9ne album can't sell a million copies its good enough to, just not enough tv/radio support. I already know the media they just like money and they hate real hip hop. They have their own agenda, and KC doesn't fit in despite the relentless grind.

    KC To me is the best rap city!! Tech n9ne collabo soon ha ha ha its only a matter of time.

    It real sounds unfair to me, how this industry is completely biased towards one group of rappers(Lil wayne,Rick Ross,Wiz Khalifia,etc. 1st come to mind in a blink of an eye for your average idiot and it really is rap based on tv/radio's commercialism.

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