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Thread: Prozak and Seekers presents A HAUNTING ON POTTER STREET

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    Prozak and Seekers presents A HAUNTING ON POTTER STREET

    Prozak and his team of SEEKERS are back with their 3rd paranormal documentary! Follow them through a centuries old train depot as they search for paranormal activity. The Potter Street Station is one the few remaining train stations of its particular design. Amazing victorian architecture meets the macabre atmosphere from decades of vacancy. Reports range from locals seeing a "woman in white" to a "shadowy apparition" who lurks around the property. The investigators claim this may be the most shocking and action packed investigation yet!!! The team : Steve "Prozak" Shippy - Brian Harnois(as seen on Ghost Hunters) Adam Eugenio & Tim Rooney, set out to document proof of the ghostly urban legends. History - conspiracy - evidence... welcome to: A HAUNTING ON POTTER STREET!

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    i'm so siked for this!

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    thats pretty badass. whats it gonna be on though?

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    The first two haunting movies can be found on

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    This vid is as wack as his music...

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    How would you know hater? Its not even out yet! Haha! What a tard, Hates just to hate..strange music all day! If you dont like prozak go listen to your drake c.d. zero brain, is more like it!

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    Something Tell's Me U Dont even listen to prozak. U Just talkin mad nonsense about a guy u dont even know. That's Called Being Ignorant. Just sayin...

    Quote Originally Posted by Zer0.MediA

    This vid is as wack as his music...

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    You can tell that guy knows shit about prozak or justinsayn...he was a executive producer for haunting on Hamilton street 2....

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