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Thread: What is your favorite track off of Welcome To Strangeland?

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    What is your favorite track off of Welcome To Strangeland?

    Personally, mine is Retrogression. The beat is SO DOPE and Tech and MayDay flow so sick on it!

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    I Need A Drink!

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    Junior Member NiKaTeeN's Avatar
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    Overwhelming is on another level, that song hits in every way

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    the noose is the best song. deep shit.

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    Senior Member lolar67's Avatar
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    Oct 2011

    Slave is on sum greedy shit

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    Retrogression is the dopest one!!

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    Senior Member CharlesWeis's Avatar
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    Slave or Retrogression I think are the best, Stars would be up there too personally, I think I covered it all in another thread

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    Slave easily, but retrogression is pretty close to the top.

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    Definitely Gods, or Overwhelming.

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    the noose or overwhelming so far

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