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Thread: Strangeland Medallion?

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    Strangeland Medallion?

    Anyone already got it? Is it a normal Strange pendant or something different? Can someone post a pic? Im trying to convince my girlfriend to drive me to Best Buy, but Id hate to get there and find its the same pendant I already have.

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    It's a Welcome to Strangeland pendant. Looks like a licence plate.

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    Thanks for the link.
    Damn. I don't really like the design. The cover art reeks of bad photoshop and the pendant just looks dumb. Plus the cd case is cheaply made.
    Reguardless I couldn't help but buy it. I wanted to support tech and have a physical copy, but if the next cd is this cheaply manufactured I might have to skip it.

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    There's really nothing cheaply manufactured here. In many cases, digipacks can cost more to make, plus here you are getting a medallion with it. I think everyone completely overreacted to the packaging. You're still getting a case to hold it in and a booklet, I don't know what else people want. Still, to each their own I suppose.

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    Kod and 6s and 7s both are in the same cardboard case with just a little sleeve area for the disc. The newest simpsons dvds also have the same type of packaging and if you take the disc out multiple times it gets scratched easily. And without the medallion in the case its hollow. It just doesn't feel sturdy at all. A jewel case would have been fine. But that's just my opinion. Thought this would be the place to voice my concerns.

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