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Thread: Happy birthday Tech - Rap Tribute - [Video added]

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    Happy birthday Tech - Rap Tribute - [Video added]

    The best rapper alive






    master of trades

    set to spread devestation to those who try negate it

    That energy runnin' in he,

    vile practicioner of sickology

    known for droppin'that heat

    that speed

    Then the bass knocks

    From the darkness

    Flames Spark

    Red lightning aimed for

    Your brain, heart

    Eyes and arteries

    Seepin' into the cracks and crevacies

    The Undead Nemesis

    Tredges Endless

    Spreadin' that dreaded

    Necropolis sledge again

    'N Once it's embedded

    Your head u'll never

    Be what it was again

    Filled to the brim

    With grim sights

    Dark nights

    Rough niggas

    With hard pipes

    Delivering shivers to ya girls spine

    You heard right

    That's Kansas City Curve Bind

    Her legs are locked and eyes mine

    Waist prime

    Lips shine

    Hair of the fairest heirest

    So rare it's not a shock

    She want that strange rock

    Take notes numskulls

    This is Tech's block

    - Fez The Vicious

    Happy birthday Aaron!

    This shits spit at high speed, I'll make a video if anyone wants to hear.


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    do it up.. I'd like to hear that, it'd be sick to see Tech spit this some time too if he sees this

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