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Thread: Tech N9ne Juggalo Interview

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    Tech N9ne Juggalo Interview

    Why so many haters in here making fun of Juggalos (CLICK HERE) - Listen to Tech N9ne speak about BEING A JUGGALO.

    This "gang" shit everyone is making light of is NO JOKE. Member of our armed services,THOUSANDS of Juggalos serving our country, and this is the thanks we get? People facing the loss of their jobs, young kids getting beat up behind this report.

    I'm glad someone pointed me to these forums but not looking to troll or even reply again... Just trying to show some haters, Tech has love for us. What kinda fans are in denial about their favorite performer like this? This interview was filmed less than 3 months ago and Tech's personally shown TJF's staff love on multiple occasions..

    As UNDERGROUND fans why y'all feel the need to hate on others? What's the point in laughing at others' misfortune? Some mainstream actions, in my opinion.

    Not sure why this video was never embedded on Tech N9ne's blog?

    Not trying to offend anyone - Bless!

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    We all understand that tech has love for juggalos, some juggalos that i know are cool but 95% of the ones ive seen or met smell bad, have bad attitudes or get stupud drunk n act like a fucking fool! Yes tech has love for juggalos, does that mean i have to? No it doesnt, im sick and tired of u stupid fucking juggalos tryin to shove it down our throats about tech having love for u, everytime he mentions it theres like 5 threads about it started by juggalos sayin the exact same shit u just said. Juggalos need to learn to except that some people just dont like the way they act, if they care enough to say "y u hate me so much? Tech loves me, deal with it" then fuckin stop acting like a whiny bitch and act your age. Im so fuckin sick of juggalos shovin the "tech has love for us" down the throats of people that dont enjoy bein around u, we understand that tech loves u guys, stop talking about it

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    You seem to forget, you're not serving your country as Juggalos, you're serving as Americans.

    Simple: stop being rowdy, contribute, you'll be fine.

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