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Thread: WTSL Better than All 6's and 7's?

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    WTSL Better than All 6's and 7's?

    So does anyone else think that Welcome to Strangeland is better than all 6's and 7's?????

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    Senior Member BrianSliggs's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    Nahhh not as great, both are aweseome albums though

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    wtsl is amazing, but i think a6a7 blows it out of the water, just because the beats and hooks were way better on a6a7

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    Senior Member Jared M's Avatar
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    Dec 2009

    i wasnt expecting much from WTSL after hearing it only took about a month to make

    but after listening to it, i gotta say its damn near as good as A6A7

    not better but close

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    Senior Member Siikez's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    Yes, better imo.

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    i remember ppl saying they wished there woulda been more kaliko hooks on A6nA7's, now he does almost all the hooks on WTSL and ppl are complaining? c'mon man

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    Senior Member DirtyGinger's Avatar
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    By far. I always expected it to be good because being strictly Strange I knew it'd be solid at worst but I was blown away, partly because Mayday did so well and I wasn't really feeling them before. All 6's & 7's is still a good album but ultimately too long and too many features. Not a lot of songs on that album I listen to too often anymore.

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    Senior Member AJ16's Avatar
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    Both are sick goin w, A6A7>WTSL....But Tech has given us an amazing year of music. 2 amazing albums within 6 months. NOBODY should be complaining IMO.

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    6s an 7s biggest problem to me was pacing. I felt strangeland and boogieman brought the album to a grinding halt. Then overtime and pornographic didn't speed it up any.
    Wts does not suffer from pacing problems. It seems to just flow right along. I was wondering when the noose released how they'd fit it in without it affecting the pace, but I think it works. I'd say wts is better with its verses. I did like the variation in choruses on 6s and 7s though.

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