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Thread: VIP Package Questions. [Solved]

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    VIP Package Questions. [Solved]

    When I purchased my VIP packages I didn't read the FAQ, I know I'm a dumb ass. I noticed after i spent $600 on 4 Packages, that you had to show photo I.D at the counter in order to get the passes. Now, I lost my photo I.D along with my wallet and it looks like my replacement will not come in time for the show. I used my name for the shipping address and my sisters name for the billing address, due to the fact that Paypal doesn't do $600 transactions, so I needed a credit card. Any who, does anyone here know what name they put on the VIP list when you enter the show? Is it the billing or shipping name? Would a birth certificate or care card or Something Else of the sort work? I don't want to get to the show and not be able to get in, that would suck cock.

    Edit: Emailed Strange Music and they fixed my issue. Thank you Penny!

    The kind people at Strange made it so my friend could pick up the VIP passes.

    Also, To answer my question, just in case anyone was wondering.

    Either people listed in the Billing or Shipping info can pick up the Passes.

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    I think the billing if I remember from my UK show.

    A birth certificate says on it that it isn't a form of I.D.

    As a back up take a letter from your sister saying you have permission to collect them etc...

    Maybe email Strange and explain the situation, maybe they can make a note about it.

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