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Thread: Tech has finally been attacked by the youtube police.

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    Tech has finally been attacked by the youtube police.

    So im in the mood to listen to delusional but guess what every video i click has been blocked by umg cause of copywright. same thing with beautiful music. Slave was on there a few days ago and now poof gone. good luck finding unfair or gods. i did find worldwide choppers and he's a mental giant but the only So lonely video is an instrumental. So hopefully u have itunes or a cd player cause it looks like ur gonna need it.

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    are you on mobile you tube because its a whole different type of you tube. or maybe stop tryin to look up songs that haven't been released, i have no problem when i look up beautiful music or any 6's and 7's. and i hope you do have a cd player hooked up to some bumpin ass system cuz this new shit pounds!! the bass line for overwhelming is Hard Asa Motha fucker

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    I'm not surprised that the WTSL tracks are down, but the fact that most of the All 6's And 7's tracks are being taken down kinda surprises me, I've always seen YouTube as one of the best promotional tools an artist can use. I understand the legality shit (kinda, enough to understand why they take it down) but sometimes it seems silly, especially if the artist themselves aren't gonna put the songs up on their channel.

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    If it wasn't for searching Tech songs on youtube, I never would have bought a Tech CD.

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    just to clarify i have bought every cd tech has come out with and will be buying strangeland when its released. but the thing i love about techs songs being on youtube is im able to switch between songs on different cds alot faster. plus if ur gonna be buying strangeland when it comes out then i dont think its wrong to listen to it early.

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    Check out grooveshark, you should be able to find most of his songs and put them together in makeshift playlists.

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    Yeah I want the Who Do I Catch vid on Youtube damnit..

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    Yea I want "Who Do I Catch" video on YouTube also... trying to post that shit on my Facebook, spread the love lol..

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    UMG blocked Tech N9ne songs, lmfao.
    Where the fuck do you live? Narnia? lol

    Trick your computer and internet into thinking you live in Strangeland, then it might work :P

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