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Thread: denver show in 10 days

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    denver show in 10 days

    whos mobbin to this shit? techs birthday weekend partyin wit colorado.fuck ya

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    iIm a be there I'm taking not one but 2!! Chicks haha

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    ur mom and sister dont count. jk lol

    Quote Originally Posted by DrMacYoHunny
    iIm a be there I'm taking not one but 2!! Chicks haha

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    had my tix for a min now kant wait ta see blood kill it like he know how

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    Yup I'll be at both shows! Show number 15&16 for me! I'm gonna sell my Tech N9 e hockey jersey if anyone is interested. XL worn twice. Message me if interested

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    do any of you know any details about what is going on with this special show or whatever you lucky ducks get to go to? like what the difference between a regular show is gona be? jw

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    I just hope someone tapes that "special" show and puts it online. I wish I could go or he would be doing more like this through-out the country(ya I know that woulndt really make it special anymore but I dont care) This reminds me of what I was saying about a Tech "gathering" when people were throwing that idea around a few months ago.. Tech has so many dope songs you will always leave his show wishing there were other ones he played but it would be awesome to get two nights in a row with two 100% different set lists.

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