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Thread: Tech and Vinnie Paz?????????

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    Tech and Vinnie Paz?????????

    How come there hasnt been a Tech n Vinnie Paz collabo???? It would be amazing im sure!!!

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    this has been discussed many times. General consensus is that they have different s but it'd be dope to see regardless

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    i get ur point, but dif s aint really an excuse imo. throw immortal tech in and that wud b huge a sickology 101 part 2

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    This is an awesome idea.

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    honestly, I dont think they really rap about the same stuff...
    I'd rather just let my brain mash them together than to waste space on a collab (atleast for techs album)

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    It would be a perfect collab. Both are killer emcees.

    And for those who say "they don't fit each other's ", first off, that's bull, both are very lyrical rappers who spit meaningful lyrics with good flow, speed, rhymes, etc. And secondly, even if this was true, remember Vinnie Paz did a song with Paul Wall on his latest album. Most would agree that Paul and Vinnie have very different s yet that song came out dope...

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    that's not from his latest album but yeah we'd still like to see it. I wasn't saying it as an excuse, I want to see it happen

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