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Thread: Santa Clara Show WAS RIDICULOUS!

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    Santa Clara Show WAS RIDICULOUS!

    I have been to over 20 Tech shows and i usually go to the one's at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz where i live. But tonight at the Avalon was one of the best shows I've ever been too. I have been to the Avalon before which is a very small venue and saw Tech perform and it was great, but tonight was on a whole different level. The energy was ridiculous. And tech jumped off stage into the crowd as he did Worldwide Choppers! Epic show!

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    Sounds dope! I was at that venue last month and I remember thinking to myself "Tech is gonna destroy this place when he performs here". I'm gonna see him at the Regency Ballroom in SF tonight. Cant wait!

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    lol yeah i was at that show too! i was wearing a CHS pre-order shirt so maybe you saw me lol. the Choppers series was SICK though how he went through the crowd

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