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Thread: A Lil Sum-Sum For Tech...Love Ya Brah!

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    A Lil Sum-Sum For Tech...Love Ya Brah!

    "Mass confusion while my crew's cruisin urs is losin
    Making whack niggas disappear with no illusion
    I'm like fusion, a union of atomic particles
    Spitting logical verses that go together like some molecules
    Fuck the articles that says hip-hop is responsible
    For the actions of inner city youth...that shit impossible
    Highly illogical, hip-hop is fucking entertainment
    Now y'all wanna frame and fuck around and try ta blame it
    I blame the media; stop eating what they feeding ya
    Instead of leading this country towards better days, they misleading ya
    Deceiving ya, the industry so cold and leave ya freezin brah
    Go grab a sweater, write a letter to da fuckin editor
    The warning's up, I'm warming up, this nigga predator
    I'm sick of all the hoop and holla, nigga tryna make da dolla
    Doin what I do today so maybe I can see tomorra
    They blame the music, which is stupid, cuz it keep me strong
    Put on another song, it's never wrong to sing along
    Beatin on my chest like King Kong, I'mma beast, I'mma feast
    On these whack ass niggaz, I leave em all deceased
    Call me Priest...Holmes, but I'm never runnin back
    I'm movin forward, always toward layin a sick track
    I'm whick whack, don't take flack, grab ya camera this moment is kodak
    I sold dat, dat green sack, in hopes of makin da greenback
    I lean back, take a breath and try to fuckin clear my head
    Of all the media hataz sayin hip-hop fuckin dead..."

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    Sounds pretty good man, just needs a suitable beat wit it.

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    Thank you man!

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