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Thread: lol soulja bitch so funny

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    lol soulja bitch so funny

    okay so i was fuckin around on youtube today and i came across a video of soulja boy given hopsin mad props...but then at the end of the video he says i might diss him if he gets popular...okay so first thing is lol he gonna try and diss hop? lol that is pretty funny...and second have u seen the almost 4million views on ill mind 4? id say that is very popular for the underground scene so where that diss track soulja? lol....and i know alot of people gonna come up here and say no one gives a fuck about what im sayin...but on some real shit y do yall respond? i found this subject pretty amusein myself so i put it up here for laughs because just the thought of soulja dissen hop is fuckin hilarious

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    no ppl r gonna come up on here and tell u shit like "thats fuckin old news kill urself"... but bcuz im not 1 of those ppl im jus gonna say... i warned u

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    Dissin this and that person is boring baby shit better left for rap battle. What I admire bout Tech is he only disses on shit thats genuinely fucked up or out to see him fail, which only makes himself /strange and his fan support faster and stronger.

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    Cool story

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