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Thread: krizz kaliko loosing his faith.??

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    krizz kaliko loosing his faith.??

    seems like krizz kaliko is becoming more and more secular.? vitaligo was and will always be a ic, that whole cd is ill, and he remained humble. of genius he started to get a lil more commercial, even tha song choir boy he states that he is loosing the faith that ya gave me, "my mommas worried i'm gonna hurt me, i'm godly but i'm just to worldly" and then on shock treatment he didn't mention his faith, but was more caught up on the hype of catchin the lime light and parting more...(is he still married?)

    but i say this cuz i just listened to the first track welcome to strangland and he's singing somethin like "the stars have fallen from the heavens, and the god(s) will reign on this planet"

    and then i see the track called Gods.

    wtf kali you supposed to be the choir boy, don't give up on your faith, thank God and stay humble, bring back that old school funkra, aline your selfs with christ, becarefull not to give into temptation remember thats what "they" want you to do..

    P.S. just sum ish i thunk up, outta love. directed to big krizz kaliko, family and "friends." but please fill free to hate.

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    lololololol at 'Align yourself with Christ'

    Goooood lord man....

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    i see YLGS saw the 2011 douchebag thread, had to start making a stronger case for himself

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    get an education ya bum

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    I'm pretty sure the concept of those songs is that they are really good at rapping (or "gods" at it), not that they are losing faith or really anything to do with religion in general. Just what I got from listening to the songs

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    No one cares about anything u have to say

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    We all knew he would.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole
    i see YLGS saw the 2011 douchebag thread, had to start making a stronger case for himself

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    Losing not loosing. Maybe you should pray for some intelligence.

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    I think this should clear up for the people asking "what did YLGS do?" in the '11 D-bag thread.

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    the good guy n me wants 2 jus respect his opinion but the intelligent asshole n me wants 2 say SHUT THE FUCK UP U HAV JUS RECIEVED MY VOTE FOR DBOTY!!!!!..... ya i think ill go with that

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