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Thread: Midwest Chopper from the 507

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    Midwest Chopper from the 507

    **NEW** MK LOVES MUSIC CONTEST ENTRY RIGHT HERE ->>> Tech is the reason I'm even rhyming, please listen to my new snippet for "Gold" I do record myself and mix and such so don't hate I'm an artist not an engineer lol Lyrics:

    gold gold, on my chain on my wrist, promise you won't ever get to shine like this, have a bitch on your side that's fine like this, you know you don't even fuckin' grind like this cuz it's jfro from the 507, where everybody's head is supersize don't tell 'em, you just gotta get right behind em run up on em like a felon then you hit em with a weapon if you think they get to steppin and I'm goin' ham make my homies say dwam, minnesota monster you can bet that I am, comin to take the spot light, cuz the game right now is not bright, n I'm untamed like when I rock mics n I'm insane but I am not like all these other fake artists, cuz I fuckin hate garbage, came up from the bottom now I'm just a hate target, I'm patient I stay hardened, not waitin to take part in this angry displaced market of anguish and great hardship, I ain't in it for the money I ain't in it for the clothes, I ain't in it for the cars I ain't in it for the hoes, I ain't in it for fame, why I'm in it lord knows, but all I got to say is that I'm in it for the LISTEN TO MY POP THE TRUNK REMIX "MINNESOTA MONSTER" ^^^ Twitter @jfro507

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    hook is fucking dope dude Oh shit flow is dope too Lets do something asap-you can check me out on soundcloud too

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