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Thread: Better and Better Every Day!

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    Better and Better Every Day!

    It's just fucking crazy every day Tech gets better and better. I know everyones always like oh ya he's so sick whatever like ya I bump him in my car everyday too. But the reason for this thread is cuz how many people actually sit sometimes for hours and look up lyrics for all his songs and try to stay with him? I know people have arguments about why Tech isn't the best rapper, but I think my argument will turn everyone down. This kid at work is always trying to tell me that tech is not as good as I think he is and it pisses me off so fucking bad. If I could just sit with anyone in a room for an hour and show them like 20 to 30 tech songs lyrics and all maybe even each a few times. Like how is he not more famous. He is one of the only artists where I go to the lyrics and some are so impossible to stay with. A lot of you on here disagree with this, and I mean honestly it's hard to compare because there are a lot of good lyricists, but nobody does the metaphors and the rhymes and the references to things you don't even realize till you look at the lyrics. Just saying, he is the best all around rapper, end of story!

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    Thats sad that u let it piss u off so fucking much, maybe he wouldnt day that shit to u if u werent such a fuck tard

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