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Thread: Video about KLUSTERFUK/"Ugly Duckling"

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    Video about KLUSTERFUK/"Ugly Duckling"

    As you can see it was posted in Tech N9ne's blog. A video was posted on Aqualeo's youtube Channel with Tech discussing KLUSTERFUK. He said he is going do a song called "Ugly Duckling". As soon as Tech was about to talk about some release info and good info about the EP, the video ends. That just makes me think Tech already has a release date planned but doesn't want to release it yet.

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    Nah, to me it sounds like he explained why the album got pushed back, and then he just starts rambling about taking time to do the album. More or less, the part about Ugly Duckling had passed, and it was time to cut the footage.

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    cant wait for this!

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