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Thread: Why Tech N9ne is the only rapper who has inspired me to become a serious rap artist

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    Why Tech N9ne is the only rapper who has inspired me to become a serious rap artist

    Before I even was introduced to Tech N9ne, I was really into NYC hip hop. I loved rappers such as s P who are from the streets and spill their souls out in the booth. Even though I'm not from the streets, I somehow felt a connection with these rappers. I loved how real they were and how they expressed their pain from growing up under such bad conditions, living the life of gangbanging and drug dealing. However, their main demographic is people from these same circumstances; who can completely relate to they stories they tell.

    I listened to these rappers so much and felt a connection to them, and eventually started to rap myself. However, even though I feel I definitely had a natural ability to write rhymes and deliver them, the content of my lyrics was completely unrealistic and not a true form of expression. As serious as I wanted to be, I couldn't drift from the fact that I could never be a serious rap artist because I was emulating my idols who talked of the streets. I would rap about the same topics of the hood and streets, even though I never lived that life. This is because they were my influences and all I knew when it came to rap.

    That all changed when I heard Tech.

    I was introduced to Tech right before I left to study abroad in Greece for 3 months. Being in Greece, I had no way of recording music, so I was not focused on rapping myself. However, I listened to Tech religiously and came back a 100 percent Technician.

    Tech completely changed my outlook on being a rap artist. Yes, Tech is black, came from a poverned area, and lived the same "Gangsta" life that all my old idols lived. However, Tech rarely even talks about it. I learned that theres so much more possible when it comes to personal expression. I have NEVER heard any artist express themselves like Tech does. I realized that I could use rap to express myself and not have to attempt to be someone I'm not. This is when I realized I CAN become a serious rap artist if I truly desired to.

    I began writing verses, expressing my own problems, thoughts, and emotions. I could actually take myself seriously now, and so could listeners. I did not have to talk about guns, money and drugs just because I thought that was cool in the past. Now when I go through personal struggles and hard times, I am not afraid to write a verse or two about it.

    I also learned from Tech what is possible when it comes to flows, wordplay, and song structure. I began to use this influence to write songs, and not only focus on WHAT I am saying, but HOW I am saying it, because to me, that is one of Tech's biggest characteristics and what makes him unique in the rap game. Most rappers maintain the same, boring flow through every verse. Tech changes his flow almost every 4 bars, and I try to do that now.

    An example of all of this is my song "Mind F*cked", which takes the listener through my mind, or at least the mind state I was in at the time I wrote the song. My lyricism, flow, delivery, and overall vibe was completely different than what it was before I went to Greece, and I have never made myself so vulnerable as an artist. I came home and began to take my music seriously...all thanks to Tech. If it wasn't for him, I would've never used rap as an outlet for my emotions; I would have kept trying to emulate the rappers I was listening to who I truly could not relate to.

    Even though I will have a hard time attracting fans because I do not speak of what is trendy or hot, I dont care. I make the music for me. If someone can relate, great, if not, so be it. Tech says "write what you know...what do I know about the most? MYSELF" That is the mentality I have now, and hopefully people will feel what I have to say.

    THANKS TECH for inspiring me to do something great. You showed me not to be afraid to be myself, especially when it comes to being a white rapper.

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