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Thread: @JOEY_SAP Music Video sponsored by ILTHY

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    @JOEY_SAP Music Video sponsored by ILTHY

    Check out the rising star Joey Sap coming outta Cleveland, he has a really unique sound, he just dropped his mixtape FLOSA NOSTRA which was sponsored by ILTHY and has been working hard on his next upcoming project!

    "The" LooSe Kanon - AKA Joey Sap - an unpredictable force of unique sounds, a rebel paving his own path for the believers, non-believers, thinkers, hipsters and mind benders . . .the psychedelic journey.

    A Hipster - A little rebellious but hip to life and the adventures; An artist that shows his fascination and passion for nature, space, peoples' thoughts, and the fear of the unknown; A conscious artist, not about all the jewels and diamonds but about the soul; Soul music in the sense ...


    Let me know what you think of him i think hes got great potential

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