wassup guys, I have a cypher I'm organizing strictly for East Coast rappers. I currently have 7 heads on this track and theres still alot of room on the track. I have a few from NY, 1 from NJ, 1 from MD, 1 From MA and 1 from VT.....would like to get someone from PA, CT, RI, NH, DE, and ME to vary it up if u know what i mean? all i would need is 8 bars ONLY...NOTHING LONGER THAN 8 BARS PLEASE. AND ALSO YOUR ACAPELLA SO I CAN PLACE YOUR SPOT AND IT FLOWS PROPERLY. IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED PLEASE RESPOND TO THE THREAD....AND ONLY SERIOUS EAST COAST RAPPERS PLEASE!!! And just remember, have fun!!! this is for my mixtape and I am allowing you to add this to whateva upcoming projects you have in the works!

P.S. i'm already on the track, not mixed at all!

sorry i cant post it because the file is a large zip attachment