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Thread: Preserved

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    what yall think about preserved

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    May 2011
    no i was hella pissed when it wasn't in the mailbox

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    I never get my preorders early, I'm usually lucky to get them on the release date. EP's I usually just buy on iTunes too as they're released since they don't leak. But otherwise I just listen to the leaks to hold me over for my order.

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    Preserved released today

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    They didn't carry any physical copies in store at my city's Best Buy, only available through online order which I could have purchased through Strange Music. Honestly I didn't really care for paying extra for the pre-order package, I just wanted to pick up the album the day it dropped. They've always had a full stock inventory of every other Strange album on release day before so I don't know why this would be any different.

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    i didnt like it. im not a fan of Young Bleed

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    I'm kind of pissed mine was not signed it didn't come with the traditional extra signed booklet. Anyone else's show up not signed? What should I do to get my signed copy?

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    it was not my cup of tea but i did enojy a few tracks

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    Lol, I only enjoyed the 2 leaked tracks and Hurt Nobody. The rest... I don't even know... smh.

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    I liked it, but i definetly enjoyed the whole album Holla at a dog was the best song on that album alot of people who listen to Strange are a little diluted as to what is good oldschool rap music People say yea man i love 90's rap you know Biggie and Tupac but in reality they were only so big cause how different they were from everyone else from back then and Young Bleed is definetly one of those people

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