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Thread: My idea of a WWC video

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    My idea of a WWC video

    This is my idea of the world wide choppers video, let me know what you think.

    As the song starts there is an echo sound. There will be a shot of the Earth as its spinning in space. As the first verse approaches the camera will zoom all the way to the country of Turkey. There will be a shot of rapper Ceza rapping with a green screen behind him. The images will be of all of the land marks of Turkey. Mid way through his verse the green screen will change to a Turkish ghetto and will finish the shot.

    As his verse finishes the camera will pan out on the image of the Earth. The main artist, Tech N9ne will be faded in the background, his head over the Earth with his hands on either side of it. He will talk his intro here and when his verse starts the camera will zoom into his home town of Kansas City. There will be another green screen and we will see the sites of Kansas City. He, like Ceza will walk on a treadmill out of shot to give the illusion he is walking through the areas. When he mentions fellow rapper Waka Flocka, Waka Flocka will step into frame and give Tech a hand shake and then walk off. At this point the screen changes to different cuts of different areas in Kansas City. There will be shots of a local BBQ restaurant, pizza parlor, and other personal landmarks for Tech. At the next brief break in the song Tech is seen walking through the ghettos of Kansas City. Towards the end of his verse his hype-men, Krizz Kaliko and Kutt Calhoun join him. When Tech sings the chorus he is joined by his record label and all 10 men stand a little in the background as tech sings.

    One of the men is the next rapper J.L. He trades places with Tech N9ne and raps his verse. At the end the camera pans back out and focuses in on a new rapper called U$O. U$O is rapping in his home country of Denmark. He, like the other rappers, raps on a treadmill with a green screen of the ghettos of Denmark behind him. When his verse finishes the camera pans back out and refocuses back in Alabama where our next rapper, Yelawolf is from. Images of Alabama's most propionate features will be shown. At the first break in the verse, Yelawolf's record label mates will start walking behind him. When he mentions Tech N9ne's name in the verse he will come on camera and join the group of men and continue walking with them but Tech will be next to Yela. At the last break in the song the extra people leave and it is just Yelawolf with the green screen background showing the Alabama ghettos. The camera pans out at the end of the verse and goes back to Kansas City where Tech will be singing the chorus in the ghettos of Kansas City with his record label mates behind him.

    The camera pans back out to the world and goes to Chicago where the next rapper, Twista is from. His part of the video will follow the same as the other artists. The green screen will showcase Chicago's sights and famous landmarks. When Twista mention astronomy and space in his verses his eyes will become red, like when a person takes a picture and it doesn't capture the eyes well. When this starts the green screen will switch to the ghettos of Chicago.

    When the camera pans back out it stays on an image of the world. Tech N9ne's torso is behind the Earth faded. He raps behind the Earth until the end of the chorus and the camera zooms in on New York City. The next rapper, Busta Rhymes is rapping in front of a green screen with the sights of New York behind him with his hype man. When the song starts the stuttering part his hype man mouths the parts because it is rapped as another person saying it. After this part the green screen changes to the ghettos of New York City until the end of the verse where the camera pans back out and focuses in on Tech singing the chorus with his label mates around him.

    As Tech finishes the chorus another rapper named D-Loc steps out from behind him and raps his short verse while Tech and the rest of the rappers stands behind him. As soon as his verse finishes the camera turns around and is in California with rapper Twisted Insane rapping in front of California landmarks. Three lines before the song is over the screen cuts to a California ghetto. Then the camera pulls back all the way to the Earth and before the screen goes black all nine of the rappers are featured faded in behind the Earth.

    The End

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    That sounds pretty tight!!

    However they do it, I just hope it's the full length song with all 9 people

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    Like the idea. I kinda had a idea for am I psycho. Like techs verse being him in a dark room talking to himself in the mirror while the reflection is him with his face painted. Idk

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    I agree. But it'll be hard to capture a bunch of landmarks for everyone with the short ass verses.

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    pretty dope dude but probably mad expensive

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    Great idea....I liked it.

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    What is up with all these places "ghettos"?? But, I agree with Husein, TOTAL WASTE OF TIME!!

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