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Thread: Ride-cry-die....

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    PAC, could make you ride,cry or not fear death, this is the power only few can posses, big L, BIG, PAC, TECh, and LYNCH have this ability, the rest can make you dance and or start a fight! That's cool, but we also have kids and family, and questions ab God, tech touches all these issues all the time like the song " show me a God" that song made me cry and want to beat some body down at the same time!

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    Stop spamming you retarded cunt.

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    Being a strange music forum we arent overly interested in every other rapper out there. Non Strange issues only annoys us all.

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    LMAO at grouping Lynch in with Pac, BIG and Tech. I mean I like Lynch but he is no where near that level.

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