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Thread: Italian Food?

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    Italian Food?

    Soooooo... haha i dont forever wanna be known as "Lyrix from Youtube Choppers!" haha so yeah i made a song that is, well, FAR from what i normally record. Its a song about food.. my favorite kind of food. I GUARENTEE if you listen to it you will like it and when it is over it will stick in your head Haha it was just for fun but when it was done, it actually came out quite frikkin amazing i think! lol Feedback is appreciated!

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    Proactive bump!

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    hey its Crazy-C one of the only ppl who actually listens 2 all the new music posted on this website n that song was actually pretty good and really funny... check out my debut song man.

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    haha aight bro i gotchu thanx for the support man thats all i ask for! haha and yeah bro put the link on here so everyone who looks at this can hear it too bro!

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    anybody else? lol

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