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Thread: Wow people are crazy

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    Wow people are crazy

    Someone on eBay is selling a pair of tech n9ne shorts that "he wore" starting bid 350:00 that's insane

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    LOL #superdickrider

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    No doubt

    Quote Originally Posted by Husein
    you'd be super gay to buy those

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    Id buy it! I have techs piss and shit from a concert in a cup.. no joke! Straight outta the toilet .I might sell it...

    Just kidding

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    I saw that. He's also got 3 shirts, a Tech jersey, snake and bat pendant, and All 6's And 7's CD included with the shorts.

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    who the fuck buys shorts that are more than likely soaked in ballsack sweat?? idgaf whose they are. smh

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