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Thread: Fantasy Football question. What would you do?

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    Fantasy Football question. What would you do?

    So this is bugging the shit outta me and I wanted to see if anyone on here may be in the same situation or at least what some of your thoughts are... My No1 QB is Mike Vick, I took Ryan Fitzpatrick as my No 2 cause he was a decent flex option last year. As anyone following the season knows Vick hasnt really done shit so far and Fitz is having an amazing breakout year. The last 2 weeks Ive thought about benching Vick for Fitz but then pussy out at the last minute only to have Vick go out with injury an Fitz put up huge numbers(I really hate having someone score 25 fantasy points on my bench). I think this week Im really gonna do it but Im afraid as soon as I do it will be the week Vick goes off and Fitz gets cold. This has already been a rough year (I had Jamal Charles too) but Im still ahead in my league and dont want to blow this decision. What would you do??

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    Start Fitzpatrick. He has 2 huge targets in Johnson and Nelson. I think Vick is going to choke against San Francisco's defense. Bengals are ranked top 5 in defense but haven't faced a team with any offense yet.

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    I have Vick in a few leagues and I plan on keeping him benched until he has a decent game. 49ers D isnt that bad and if you have Fitz I would play him. probally get a lot of chances to score. dont see cin sustaining a lot of drives

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    I'm starting vick over cutler.. vick hasn't had a really great game yet. I don't see why now isn't the time

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    I'd start Vick only because he's playing the Niners. The only good part about that Niners D is that it can stop the run, but the pass is a whole different story. The only person on the Niners D that can keep up with Desean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy is Patrick Willis, but he will most likely be spying Vick most of the game which means that Jackson, Maclin and McCoy will no doubt go ham on that Niners secondary. As long as Vick can be accurate with his throws (which he has proven he can) I'm sure he will have a pretty good fantasy day. At least better than he has in the past few weeks.

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    i'd go with Fitz

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    And Vick goes off and Fitzpatrick sucks like you feared

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    hope you started

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    havent you guys learned anything? dont doubt vick! that game was the kickers fault. and maclin vick played pretty good. and had some rushing yds.

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    I started Fitz....about the only other option since Manning doesn't look like he will be back anytime soon. I think Ima pick up sidney rice and trade B-marshall for Cam Newton

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