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Thread: Wheres my Colorado people at?!?!?!

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    Wheres my Colorado people at?!?!?!

    What's good CO? its Liquid Assassin and im doing some album release shows here SOON! We WILL have HARD COPIES of my new album "Cardell" too! come swing through, heres the shows and links!

    CO Springs



    Grand Junction

    heres some of the new stuff incase y'all forgot!

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    whats good in the springs man?

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    Psycho Bitch II (on repeat)

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    Probably in Colorado if I had to guess.

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    Thats whats up LA .....Caught yo new album on the way out of the lost in the dark experiment show at the summit music hall. yall can JUMP OFF if you don't think LA isn't always in BEAST MODE../ im SERIOUS. ahhHH HAHAHAHa

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