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Thread: Best Freestyle Battles

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    Best Freestyle Battles

    Been in the mood for watching some good ones lately. Post some of the best you've seen or have. I just recently got wind of Locksmith so I was looking at a couple of his...

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    Favorite battle ever right here

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    This isn't a battle but it's the best free I've ever seen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norbert Madrigal

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    I'm going to have to peep this any certain ones you think i should check out? or just any of em?

    Quote Originally Posted by Husein
    just search on youtube "immortal technique battle" his disses makes me laugh my ass off and he is like telepathic and shit, it's crazy, just watch it for yourself.

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    Locksmith is a beast. That is all.

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    if youre looking for actually free nocando is one of my favs

    as far as battle rapping goes my favorites are real deal an loe pesci

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    Or you can watch Iron Solomon eat people alive. Hes eaten Immortal Technique, Jin, Thesaurus. His battle with Math was great as well.

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    good looking everyone all this shits what I was looking for. if you got anymore keep em coming

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