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Thread: "There will be a V.T. CD II" !?

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    "There will be a V.T. CD II" !?

    so at the end of vintage tech you say there will be a part two. do you still plan on making a v.t. cd II?

    if so what era of time would it consist of? maybe older than the first material.. i hope like nnutthowze time frame.. or early everready daze. any way i just wanna say you have my support on a V.T cd part II

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    Tech doesn't like his voice from the Nnutthowze days.

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    Bro tech needs to come to new Zealand Christchurch and do a concert. Would be off the hook. Churr

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    well, i doubt tech would put nnutthowze on it cuz tech doesnt have any of that material. (and he has said he doesnt really like himself on it).

    and shit who knows, maybe he wont put out VT2 for another 5 years, and it will be songs from right now...

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    I bet this gets put on hold till he's done. Then he can still release shit for his fans when we're out of new gems

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    damn, well i think those couple songs sound tight, and that video clip wit skarkrow, sound pretty dope! i mean it aint fresh but thats what make it what it is ic vintage footage.

    Quote Originally Posted by Living T
    Tech doesn't like his voice from the Nnutthowze days.

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