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    guys check this its siiiick and i wanna know what yall think

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    sux i gta keep bumpin this but ahh i cant wait to hear what yall think!

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    damn that shit is sick

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    yep. agree with this

    Quote Originally Posted by Not thereal Tecca Ninna
    4th guy who spit it the fastest/most clear. I was digging that & the rest of the song was pretty average. I didn't like the hook, it should've been sung by someone with better vocals or even autotune :O I know it's a scary concept but you don't have to do the T-Pain sound with autotune, you can just make the vocals sound smoother & better. The last guy was the worst because at first I thought it sounded like Rebel XD who is horrible. Then he picked himself up with a dope flow, still pretty tough to understand, then the end of the verse was pretty terrible. Overall, the hype didn't live up to this song. Sorry. Oh and the beat's pretty dope as well.

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    I was really expecting it to be terrible, i was pleasently dissapointed. Sick beat, sick verses but in my honest opinion i woulda chose somebody else to sing that hook. Good shit man.

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    Thanx for the feedback guys glad you liked t thanx for givin me the good and bad feedback to lol yeah the last guy... man i thought he just sped it up at first then i heard him spitit accapella i was like wah.. this is insane lol but yeah thanx for peepin this!

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    anybody else wanna post anything else abt it?

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    it ight kinda white bread soft tho

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